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Hebda Family Farm
Hebda Family Produce
Hebda Family Produce
Hebda Family Produce
Welcome to Hebda Family Produce
When you visit Hebda's not only will you find fresh produce and seasonal products, you will find jams, salsa's, fresh-pressed apple cider and other unique home canned items, along with made-from-scratch fruit pies all produced weekly in small batches in our commercial kitchen!  We will even wrap these items up in gift baskets or mail-order gift boxes for your family and friends when your shopping for that perfect gift.
Find us in Multiple Places in Yankton!   
Hebda's is now at the Meridian Market in Yankton on Thursdays & Saturdays.
We are also found out at the lake area on Saturday & Sunday afternoons from 1-6.  The lake location is by The Meat Lodge & Soil Works.
For either place, please call ahead for any large order of produce needed or roasted.  Our Corn Roaster is working well and can roast peppers, onions and potatoes.
What are we picking now! 
Tomatoes are starting to roll in! Prices: $3.50/lb up to 9.9 lbs; $3.00/lb 10lbs to 19.9 lbs; $2.75/lb 20lbs to 49.9lbs; $2.00/lbs for 50lbs and up.  
We have also started picking our aronia berries this week! They are the highest anti oxidant berry known since they are naturally grown. They run $6/quart, remember...it takes 15 berries a day to keep your levels of defense up! Larger orders go by the pound starting at 5 lbs for $50 and when you get to 20 lbs, we can do $80.
Also have some bell peppers ,onions, and some hot peppers Sweet corn, musk melons, and sweet onions.
Please call 605-957-0139 to place an order or if you have questions!
We also have sign up sheets for Colorado peaches and pears at all locations!  They will arrive sometime the 1st week of August!
Farm Market @ Hebda's
Open by Appointment only
Call 665-2806 or 605-857-0139

Or Visit us in the Yankton Mall:
See Below...
30661 444th Avenue
Mission Hill, South Dakota
Hebda Strawberrys
Hebda's @ Yankton Mall
Mon-Friday: 1pm to 6pm
Saturdays: 10am to 6pm
Come visit us! 
Farm Markets We visit  
Meridian Market, Yankton
Thursdays & Saturdays!
Also find our Products At 
Our Store in the Yankton Mall
The Meat Lodge - Yankton 
Breadsmith's - Sioux Falls
Unglued Market - 218 South Phillips, Sioux Falls
Lee's Meats - Tea 
Pomegranate Market - 4815 S. Louise Ave, Sioux Falls   
Hebdas Corn